David and Astrid begin to make plans for the coming of more specials and start off with trying to recruit some whom they have bad blood. And while the streets of North Carolina become a battleground, Noble finds he faces a threat directed at not only himself but the people he has sworn to protect. It’s all in Noble #11 from Lion Forge.

Noble #11 ReviewNOBLE #11 REVIEW

Story: Brandon Thomas
Pencils: Manuel Garcia
Inks: Le Beau Underwood
Colors: Chris Sotomayor
Letters: Saida Temofonte
Cover: Khary Randolph & Emilio Lopez
Editor: Shawna Gore
Publisher: Lion Forge
Release Date: September 5, 2018
Cover Price: $3.99

Previously in Noble: David and Astrid were finally reunited, and David became aware of all of his memories. Astrid convinces Lorena to have the chip in David’s head removed, this restoring his memories and shutting down Lorena’s mysterious company, Foresight, from accessing or controlling her husband again. And David’s greatest test yet arrived when he tackled a hurricane and saved countless more lives than anyone thought possible. But, he will find out that not everyone is happy with his presence and activities.


The story begins with David Powell walking his son, Elijah, to the school but. While this is a familiar scene to some, this walk involves a talk about installing GPSs beacons under his son’s skin. David created the small beacons in a previous issue, and the intent is for them to be a safeguard from any shenanigans from Lorena and the group known as Foresight. Upon returning home, Astrid tells David that she believes they need to start recruiting people with special powers, as a hedge against their being used by the wrong people and to make sure they are not going to go the way for evil. Her first two choices are a surprise, Jameela Nayar, and Simon Simms. Both were given their powers by Dr. DeMarcus Mayes, but those powers have an expiration date. Astrid goes out with a team from Foresight to make them an offer, and find the duo dealing hard justice during a racist rally in Durham, North Carolina. However, there seems to be something strange about the supporters at the rally, and Astrid finds herself in the middle of a fight she doesn’t mind participating in. Meanwhile, David, now fully embracing his role as the superhero known as Noble, finds his actions are not welcome by everyone and must face a monumental task. What is the connection between the mysterious voice and the racists, and what about the ghost from Astrid’s past?


I was first exposed to Lion Forge through their Encounter comic from their kid’s Cub House imprint. It was a fun book I enjoyed. It’s wonderful to see that high quality of product extends out to their whole line. Noble is a title that needs to be read by everyone.

Brandon Thomas (Horizon, The Many Adventures o Miranda Mercury), writes the story of David Powell and his family with an emotion-filled delivery that draws you in and makes you feel. In the early issues, that emotion drove you forward, wanting to find out more about Noble’s past, is connections with Foresight, the origin of his powers and much more. The raw emotion from those early issues is still present, but it has matured with a new direction. Now David has taken hold of his and his family’s destiny. He chooses to be a superhero, not out of fear or ignorance of the world, but out of a sense of responsibility and a desire to help others in any way he can. Instead of trying to redeem himself for his past actions, he seems to have accepted those actions and moved on. Thomas’s dialogue is wonderful. His conversations are true to life, and his daringness to story cues straight from today’s headlines is admirable. He doesn’t just give lip services to the concerns of the average American citizen, he embraces them and makes those concerns part of the story and his characters. It is writing which comes from its own place of bravery, and is writing well done.

The art by Manuel Garcia (Avengers, Mystique) and Le Beau Underwood (Batwing, G.I. Joe) is great. Garcia has a kinetic style that comes through the page with a raw, real, quality. His panel construction and details draw you in, and make the world real. Underwood adds levels of shadow and detail which add to Garcia’s pencils, making them have a truly cinematic appeal. When added with the colors of Chris Sotamayor (Ms. Marvel, Nightwing) it becomes a complete visual piece. Even little details, such as the use of a size and tones in the lettering of Saida Temofonte (Legends of the Dark Knight, X-Men). There is a sequence where Temofonte makes use of grayscale in thought balloons and dialogue that makes their purpose clear. During the mob scenes, black blobs take the place of some words, making it clear that those words inconsequential to the story. The whole creative team here should be noted, as their efforts make for a great issue.


This issue, entitled Failsafe, is a great set up for the character of Noble and his wife, Astrid Allen. You not only get to see Noble in action, but you get to see Astrid as she goes full-on commando and faces down a threat which many wish they could punch in the face. The balance is wonderful as well, as you see them in their work clothes as well as get views of their personal lives. It fills the characters out, and makes them and their actions more human.

NOBLE #11 is the start of a great new storyline as well as a nice introduction for new readers. You get what you need to enjoy the story and a desire to find out more from back issues. The Lion Forge superhero universe, Catalyst Prime, is in its infancy and if this is any indication, I hope everyone jumps on board as soon as possible.

Noble #11


Noble #11 is the sort of book which people have been clamoring for. If you aren’t already getting them added to your pull list, do it now. It is a solid book that delivers.

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