With all the talk about daylight saving versus standard time, and how tired we always feel, it brings up a question we’ve never talked about before.* Are you a morning person or an evening person?


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*We may have talked about it before, but it’s late at night, and I don’t function that well late at night.


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  1. mark_smith1972@yahoo.com on

    I’m a morning person by schedule and a night owl by nature, so during the work week I’m up at 5 and bed by 9 then D&D Saturday night usually until midnight

    • I’m kind of the same way. Up at 8 and in bed around midnightish during the week, and on the weekend I stay up till 4am and sleep till noon.

      Good luck interacting with me during the first hour so of those 8am days though. Or any day really. I’m such a heavy sleeper it takes me a good half hour to an hour to fully wake up, even from a simple nap.

  2. I grew up as a Night person, staying up late playing video games until I heard birds chirping the very next morning.

    In recent years, my work requires me to be up early, so I’ve transitioned into morning person. Now I naturally wake up around 6-7am on weekends. I love being up early, it gives me much needed time to what I used to stay up doing. :D

  3. I’m a night person. Always have been since as far back as I remember. I simply have trouble functioning in the early daylight hours even if I’ve kept a schedule where I’m well rested at that time. But once we get toward the end of the day and into night, I feel the best, have more energy and feel less unhappy.

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