Harrison Ford was in his early twenties in the first movie I’ve ever seen of his, a Roger Corman joint starring Glenn Ford, but even then he was starting to become America’s favorite grumpy grampa.  With several iconic roles to his credit, he’s warred in the stars in ‘Star Wars’, he’s fought evil while digging up artifacts as ‘Indiana Jones’, and…  I dunno, regarding Henry in ‘Regarding Henry’?  Still, the question of which Ford is Top Ford seems like it has a lot of real candidates, even beyond the obvious couple, leading to today’s Raiders of the Temple of The Lost Crusading Skull query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) expects this to be a Han Vs. Indy fight, but for me it’s between Bob Falfa and Colonel Lucas, asking: Which of Harrison’s roles is your Top Ford?


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  1. Han Solo I will always be his most iconic character for me, but for variety’s sake, I have to say one of my favorite of his roles was as the president in Air Force One.

  2. Indiana Jones is my #1, but to through another one on the list, my close 2nd is his role as Norman Spencer in What Lies Beneath.

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