As the house that Unca’ Walt built continues to engulf and devour all of our pop culture obsessions, the running gag has been to declare each new properties royal woman as the newest Disney Princess.  Leia of Alderaan?  Disney Princess.  Namorita of Atlantis?  Disney Princess.  Heck, now that they’ve bought Fox, all the xenomorphs from aliens are Disney Princesses.  (What?  Their mother is a queen, do the math!)  But the question of who is the BEST Disney Princess is a toughie, even if you only consider the old-school cartoon canon, leading to today’s coronational query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) tried to tell my daughter that the obvious answer was Jasmine, because “tiger does her bidding”, but she countered with Shuri of Wakanda, asking: Who is the best Disney Princess?  (Show your work!)


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  1. Probably Mulan. She became an army general in ancient China, where women weren’t even allowed to military. And she really existed.

  2. Though never truly given her due as Disney Princess, Megara (Meg) from Hercules. She’s sassy and funny and plays so well off James Woods as Hades. But, alas, they never truly count her as a princess, but it’s okay, she’s too cool to hang out with those other Princesses anyway!

    HOWEVER, I would be remiss to not add the one my son pointed out to me recently. Disney bought Fox and Fox owns Rocky Horror Picture Show ergo Frank N. Furter is now a Disney Queen which is a higher rank than Princess but I’m sure you’ll let it count!

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