My kid, known on the innernets as The Widget, is something of a multicultural food hipster.  Last night, we ate in a trendy ramen place in the nearby college town, and before that she was endlessly annoyed when I called a certain kind of Vietnamese noodle soup “FOOOOOOOE.”  That particular mispronounced word is still her Kryptonite, as I enjoy embracing dad jokes and the role of old goober who doesn’t know much ’bout nothin’ just to needle her.  I’m sure it’ll turn up in some sort of expensive therapy later, but it does raise the question of how language affects us.  One of my coworkers always explains how to get to certain locations by explaining how it’s “up t’the” place she’s describing, while another insists on mispronouncing Steven Spielberg’s name, leading today’s peccadillo query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) isn’t really invested in the “jif” versus “gif” debate, but will occasionally annoy those who are, asking: What mispronounced word is like nails-on-a-chalkboard to you?


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  1. I don’t really have a lot of room to talk as I’m hard of hearing and honestly don’t know how certain words are supposed to sound (the last time I heard normally was almost 40 years ago).

    But my mom and grandmother use quite a few mispronounced words, including: Parmesan as something like “par-mee-shee-yan”, candelabra as the two word “candle bra”, tortilla as “turtellya” and croissant as “crew saint”.

    Makes me want to break something.

  2. Daniel Langsdale on

    My wife can’t stand it when I insist on pronouncing the “p” in raspberry. Is it wrong that I enjoy that so much?

  3. Supposedly. There is no “B” anywhere in that word folks. Yet, I hear people say ‘supposubly’ all the time.

    I actually hear a lot of words mispronounced by the guys in my life all the time, but they do it on purpose, so I don’t know if it counts – couple examples: tortilla as tor-till-uh and quesadilla as queasy-dill-uh. I just give them a dead pan look and say, “Well, at least you think you’re funny.” ;)

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