The Fantastic 4 is back!  The Fantastic 4 is back!  And with that return comes another return from certain death by the World’s Greatest Comic Team, both in-universe and out.  (Seriously, they’ve dodged at least three terrible movies, that terrible Mark Millar run and the bit where Sue ran around dressed like a disco bondage stripper.)  Of course, with four members of different power sets and temperaments, it’s easy to argue who is the most powerful (Sue), the most charismatic (Ben) or the most misused (Reed.)  Heck, it’s even fun to argue which hero is the best of the FF, leading to today’s cosmic query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) is pretty torn, ’cause The Thing is awesome, but sheer power puts the Invisible Woman over the top, asks: Which member of the Fantastic 4 is your fave-rave?


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  1. I’m fairly evenly split between Thing and Human Torch. Both have interesting powers and personalities individually, but I absolutely love their almost brother-like relationship where Johnny plays a prank or otherwise pesters Ben just to rile him up.

    Doesn’t hurt that I can easily relate to it, as I’m the little brother who pestered both my oldest biological brother and my “adoptive” brother (neighborhood friend I grew up with that looked after me), not to mention having the opposite side of the situation with my friend’s little brother.

  2. Its hard to say. They all got their own thing going on. I can tell who I feel is closest to my mindset though, that’s easily Ben.

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