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Stephen Schleicher began his career writing for the Digital Media Online community of sites, including Digital Producer and Creative Mac covering all aspects of the digital content creation industry. He then moved on to consumer technology, and began the Coolness Roundup podcast. A writing fool, Stephen has freelanced for Sci-Fi Channel's Technology Blog, and Gizmodo. Still longing for the good ol' days, Stephen launched Major Spoilers in July 2006, because he is a glutton for punishment. You can follow him on Twitter @MajorSpoilers and tell him your darkest secrets...


  1. Top 5 things I’m burnt out on:

    5. Men telling me to smile
    4. Movie Pass
    3. Star Wars Movies (besides IV) – specifically The Last Jedi
    2. Hearing about Donald Trump
    1. Harry Potter and Harry Potter fans

    • After listening to your guys’ number one I want to stress that I am not being a giant asshole about not liking any of these things to anyone… to my knowledge. I just get tired of these things after a while. Burned out!!

      • Yes, that was the point of our number one – you are free to hate things you want to hate or dislike, but actively “going after” those people who like those things or creating those things seems to be a line crossed.

  2. Top 5 Things that Burn Me Out:

    5. Cultural Standards. You MUST pursue a degree. You MUST pursue a home. You MUST pursue a high end job. To not pursue these standards means you are lazy and inadequate. It’s not true for everyone but it is in my family.
    4. Lack of Boredom. It’s too easy to distract myself. With Twitter and music; podcasts and audiobooks; games and creating; I’m finding I’m never truly bored and it’s created an anxiety of not allowing myself to be bored. There’s so much content readily available and at my fingertips that I’m not allowing my brain to be bored. If anything I feel like our culture displays boredom as a bad thing.
    3. Statements. This is particularly prominent on Social media. It’s when someone writes out a long winded belief or statement without being asked (like I kinda am now ) almost like they are shouting from a soap box. It happens in real life too! I want to talk about simple if not downright idiotic things that are ultimately irrelevant. Many times people act like they must be having some deep or objective based conversation.
    2. Misinformation and dealing with the arrogantly misinformed. This often comes with those who are incredibly defensive and unwilling to have a true discussion about the topic or disagreement.
    1. Intensity. It often seems like everything today must be an abdolute extreme or it’s viewed as quaint. Rappers must be as fast and vulgar as possible. Movies and film HAVE to be brutal. If you are into something you must be into something COMPLETELY or you don’t like it at all. It’s toxic and exhausting.

  3. Karl G Siewert on

    I don’t know why anyone else here is bothering to comment, because obviously you can’t be a real fan of Top Five unless you went to college with two of the hosts and have a dedicated composition book with 171 pages of notes detailing the contents of every episode. Poseurs!


  4. Steven T. Shumaker on

    What a great topic! Here are the top 5 things I am burned out on.

    5. Smart Phones. I love mine, but as a teacher and a parent, I hate them. They inhibit conversation, they distract people from actual interaction, and they are dumbing down our society as a whole.

    4. The inability of people to laugh at themselves. I am the biggest lefty walking, and I am tired of people being offended by every little thing. All of us are flawed, and all of us have silly quirks. All stereotypes have a shred of truth in them. It would help us all if we learned to laugh at our own shortcomings.

    3. The term “Fake News.” Up until a certain individual started claiming that any information he disagreed with was a lie, this was not an issue. If good reporting was done and properly sourced, people accepted it. Not now. Trusted sources are suddenly “fake” because people don’t want to believe something bad about a hero.

    2. Infotainment. Years ago quality journalism was easy to find. Reporters tracked down stories, double sourced them, and then shared all the facts. Readers, listeners, and viewers could look at these facts and determine if they were true. This doesn’t consistently happen anymore. Now you get part of a story, maybe complete facts (one news source blatantly lies and also claims they are an entertainment company to cover their bias) and tells the viewer what to think. It is sickening. Don’t even start me on the things that pass for news (‘Lil Snacks has married his third wife’s hairdresser! Film at 11!)

    1. Twitter. Twitter has been ruined by a constant flow of lies, half-truths, and distractors emanating from one specific source. Some responsible adult needs to take the phone away from this person and help bring some sanity back to Twitter. Either that or ban this person’s account for constant violations the rest of us would be bbq’d for.

  5. Wow! Excellent Top 5. I sat here listening to you guys and just nodding along in agreement, especially at your #1.
    Here’s my Top 5 of things I’m sooooo done with.

    5. Public Apologies – I don’t buy them. If you say something and it offends somebody, well, that’s called life. You are never going to please everybody and there will always be somebody who will be ‘offended’ by something you did or will do. It’s exhausting and the ‘apologies’ are contrived and I’m over it. On the flip, if something offends you, you don’t have to rant about it for days. Just change the channel or take your business elsewhere; have a coke and smile and move on with your life. :)

    4. Oversaturation of technology. Smart phones, smart cars, smart watches….all it’s making is a society of zombies. I miss the days of not having a phone attached to us all. Once upon a time, if you went to the store, people had to wait til you got home and then you’d return the call. Heaven forbid we don’t answer our phone right away. Parents – talk to your kids at the dinner table. Kids – talk to your friends when you are out. Put the phones/tablets/watches/whatever down for a while and look at the world around you. I’m just burned out over too much technology.

    3. Viral Videos to Get Your Way – I was actually stuck on getting 5 until I checked the news this morning and saw yet another video of some student breaking some rule and the parent yanking out their cell phone to put it all over the world to get their way. Folks, let’s be adults and not reality show producers. I have kids and they have dress codes and various other rules at their schools. Some things I don’t agree with, but I don’t let them break the rule just because I don’t like it, and I sure as heck don’t go into the school with my camera phone to get attention. I am exhausted of viral videos that show some sort of perceived injustice for your precious little angel.

    2. Movie remakes (and, as of late, tv series remakes/reboots). Dear Disney, Not every movie you made back in the day of Walt needs to be remade into a live action piece of garbage now. There’s a reason the original movies are still being sold today and kids still love them. To me, making an updated version is a slap in the face to your audience. Have you really run out of ideas that every movie it seems is just a remake of one from days gone by? It’s all a money grab and just doesn’t feel like it’s about making decent movies anymore.

    1. Social media – All of it. Instragram, Twitter, and especially Facey-Space (as Matthew calls it and I have stolen in the most respectful of stealings). I remember the by-gone days of when it all started and it was fun and you could share pictures of your family across country and keep in touch in new ways. But now?
    Good grief. The venom and hate spewed from people. Pardon my crude, but those trolls with internet balls are ruining it for the rest of us. You’re all big and bad and hateful behind your keyboard and your righteous indignation. ***Deep sigh*** I just want to see funny memes and keep in touch with friends.

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