With the new season of Doctor Who approaching, albeit not as quickly as I would have hoped since I still can’t find a release date, I’m enjoying the dribs and drabs of information that we’re getting about Thirteen and her new companions.  As someone who grew up with the Fifth Doctor’s Team TARDIS, full of kids and a dysfunctional robit, I’m actually psyched to see her traveling with more than one person and hope to see a season or two without the shadow of romance on the TARDIS console.  Don’t get me wrong, Rose and Nine were wonderful together, and Ten’s deconstruction with Martha and then Donna worked for me, but Magic Time-Traveling Boyfriend is only one of the many aspects of ‘Doctor Who’, leading to today’s ensemble query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) would love to see some companions from other planets again, as 21st Century London is great and all, but it’s a big ol’ universe out there, asking: Do you prefer The Doctor to travel with a single companion or fill out Team TARDIS with a group?


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  1. I do like ensemble seasons, but I would like for it to be like, an alien and a human, and a robot and a shapeshifting penguin. Then again, this upcoming crew is racially diverse, so that’s nice.

  2. I’m not really a follower of the show, so I can’t answer 100% (I watched the season with Eccleston and the first few Tenant episodes but the show never really grabbed me.)

    For what it’s worth, though, in general I like larger casts. More characters means more chances for interesting character development.

  3. I initially was going to say one or two, but the precedent for three or more was set from the beginning with the First Doctor and I “think” the high average at once is three.

    The Doctor could take a Belgian waffle as a companion, as long as the stories are good it doesn’t matter.

  4. We have seen a lot of the Doctor and his one special friend in recent years so I’m glad to see them mixing things up a bit. Hopefully a larger cast will also mean less need for breaks in filming while actors recover from the inevitable injuries Doctor Who seems yo cause.

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