One of the great tropes in science fiction and fantasy is the “outsider,” someone who looks on humanity from a different point of view. Star Trek had Spock, Data, Odo and The Doctor, for instance! They often helped us look at ourselves from a new perspective.

In Ogre, we get to see how humans treat others, and it’s often not pretty!


Writer: Bob Salley
Artist: Shawn Daley
Publisher: Source Point Press

Cover price: $3.99
Release Date: October 31, 2018

SOLICITATION: A reclusive beast sits locked in a castle prison cell with the ghost of the corpse he is chained to. And now he must decide if he’ll join in on an escape plan that could set him on an adventure he’s not prepared to embark upon.


Another great subject fiction enjoys exploring is war, something the Ogre and his cellmates have experienced firsthand. Now they sit in a prison cell, often waxing eloquent about what’s going on around them.

When an opportunity to escape presents itself, the group must decide if they’ll work together as they try to get away from the king’s last castle. It’s not easy, but it sure beats being stuck in a castle that’s falling apart!

As I previously mentioned, the humans aren’t often in agreement on much. Each one has something different happening, and they must make choices that their survival will hinge on. It’s engaging to see just what they will do and for what reasons.

Then, too, there are many different kinds of beasts around as well. That includes Trolls and woodland creatures, just to name a couple. They function on various levels of beasthood, if I can call it that, and they have their own agendas as well.

Let’s face it, though – the most fascinating of the characters is the one this comic is named after, the Ogre. As big and strong as he is, he’s chained to the dead body of a human, the ghost of which communicates with him through thoughts. Without that weakness, the Ogre would be tremendously formidable, but the dead person gives the Ogre someone to discuss what’s happening with, “humanizing” him in a way. The Ogre puts up with the stench of a dead body as well as the communications he hears.

What especially annoys his cellmates is the fact that the Ogre responds verbally to the thoughts of the dead man. They don’t like hearing only half of the conversation, I’m sure!

There’s a strong mix of drama and action in the first issue of this comic, helping us get to know everyone, even the monsters. Of course, Mr. Salley is likely best known for his Indie comic Salvagers, which successfully uses a lot of the same techniques, only with space aliens instead of earthly monsters.


The art and coloring in Ogre #1 help us get into the mood of the story since both are a little sketchy and painting-like. The colors are more subdued, and the drawings make us understand how dangerous the situation is around us as we read the story.

I always like to point out how important it is to make the various characters easily distinguishable from each other, something Mr. Daley’s art does very well. Even the three trolls are clearly defined, something that made the comic easy to read.

BOTTOM LINE: A ‘Monster’ of a Comic!

The first issue of Ogre accomplishes exactly what it needs to, helping us buy into the situation as well as the characters. It’s a gripping tale of humanity and life that deserves your support and attention!

Ogre is now available through this month’s Diamond PREVIEW, so it could be found in your local comics shop, but please make sure they order one for you! It’s one of those rare gems some LCS’s may overlook, so call them today! Don’t miss out on this story of survival told through the eyes of a monster bound to a corpse! Now that’s something you don’t find every day!


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