Yesterday, Marvel released the October solicitations, which included a series of variant covers for Marvel Battle Lines – the collectible mobile game from Nexon.  If you didn’t scroll through the entire listing, we have them all in one spot, just for you.

Look for MARVEL Battle Lines variant covers on these select titles:

  1. AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #7 by Sujin Jo
  2. AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #8 by Maxx Lim
  3. ASTONISHING X-MEN #16 by Maxx Lim
  4. AVENGERS #9 by Sujin Jo
  5. BLACK PANTHER #5 by Jong-Ju Kim
  6. CAPTAIN AMERICA #4 by Yoon Lee
  7. CHAMPIONS #25 by Keunwoo Lee
  8. COSMIC GHOST RIDER #4 by Maxx Lim
  9. DAREDEVIL #609 by Yoon Lee
  10. DEADPOOL #5 by Heejin Jeon
  11. DOCTOR STRANGE #6 by Sujin Jo
  12. FANTASTIC FOUR #3 by Sujin Jo
  13. IMMORTAL HULK #7 by Maxx Lim
  14. INFINITY WARS #4 by Maxx Lim
  16. SENTRY #5 by Jong-Ju Kim
  17. SPIDER-GWEN A.K.A. GHOST SPIDER #1 by Jong-Ju Kim
  18. SUPERIOR OCTOPUS #1 by Sujin Jo
  19. THOR #6 by Maxx Lim
  20. TONY STARK: IRON MAN #5 by Jong-Ju Kim
  21. TONY STARK: IRON MAN #6 by Sujin Jo
  22. TYPHOID FEVER: SPIDER-MAN #1 by Sujin Jo
  23. VENOM #7 by Yoon Lee
  24. WEAPON H #8 by Sujin Jo
  25. WEAPON H #9 by Heejin Jeon
  26. WEST COAST AVENGERS #3 by Sujin Jo
  27. X-23 #5 by Jong-Ju Kim
  28. X-MEN RED #9 by Jong-Ju Kim

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