Thanks to my laconic television schedule, I’m just now getting to the second season of ‘Westworld’, the best reason to have a pay channel since the George Carlin specials of my youth.  Every month when the cable bill comes, though, I have a moment of discontent and consider cutting back in order to save money, only to remember that this is about the only way I watch movies any more.  Still, the question of whether and how much you would pay to watch your favorite shows is a fascinating one: I love ‘How I Met Your Mother’, but I’m not sure that I’d pay $10.95 per month specifically to have access to it, leading to today’s pay-per-view query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) already has HBO, Cinemax and Flix, but would have been willing to pay a little extra to see ‘The Twilight Zone’, asking: Which favorite show would you be willing to subscribe to a pay channel or streaming service in order to watch?


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  1. Queer Eye, actually, is about the only reason I get on Netflix these days. Which is a little disappointing considering there’s a whole second season of Luke Cage that I feel like I should be really invested in.

    That being said, if I could get a service that gave me access to all of the British Programming that I watched in my youth I would pay for it.

  2. Doctor Who, including a larger library of classic episodes than are available on most streaming services (which usually just have one or two popular serials of the first seven Doctors).

    I already have a sub so I can watch officially subbed old Super Sentai that Shout! Factory puts out (the Shout! Factory TV channel on Amazon Prime, which has a few series available). If there were a service to put out official subs of more recent Sentai and Kamen Rider the way Crunchyroll puts out newer series of Ultraman, I would sub in a heartbeat.

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