It’s easy to get cynical about commercials, especially when they’re as intrusive as they are in the internet age.  But as someone whose jobs was making terrible commercials, I try to stay cool about it, especially when they are in fact memorable, which is why (even though I hate the “My Pillow” commercials, they have perhaps the best jingle for the worst product I can think of.  I also don’t know what J.G. Wentworth does, really, but I can sing their phone number, and the less said about the Daisy cottage cheese song the better.  In short, the advertisements worked, leading to today’s voice-over query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) has a particular fave from my days back in local advertising, which Hays locals of the 1990s will remember as soon as I say “Paul McDonald Chevrolet”, asking: What’s the best jingle for the worst product in your personal history of advertising?


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  1. Tough on. There are soooooo many catchy jingles for cruddy products. Where should we start?

    My Buddy

    “I Can’t get enough of a Super Golden Crisp…”

    Lucky Charms

    Honestly, most cereal commercials.

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