Somewhere in the house, I have a Justice League toy that features a way-cool super-motorcycle… for the Flash.  It’s really an unnecessary hat-on-a-hat situation, but it’s also one of my favorite dumb toys.  Many superhero types have their own cycles (or, in the case of Captain America, an affection for them both in and out of costume) that makes for some great moments.  In my nigh-endless cache of superhero images, I have the likes of Nightwing, Huntress, Wolverine and Lobo astride their mighty steel steeds, but the question of who ELSE needs a powerful ride leads us to today’s Wankel rotary query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) thinks that Deadpool’s scooter already sort of counts as cool, but the Go-Bots Scooter does not, asking: Which fictional character really needs their own super-motorcycle?


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  1. I think Power Rangers needs to reintroduce motorcycles (and probably will with Beast Morphers). Although some of the old ones were directly taken from Super Sentai, a few were PR exclusive or had special functions exclusive to PR (such as Lightspeed Rescue’s Battlizer being the Red Ranger’s motorcycle coming apart to form armor and weapons).

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