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In this installment of Critical Hit – A Major Spoilers Podcast: The team comes face to face with Kord, and must fight twelve giant monsters!

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  1. The Queen's Obedient Cousin on

    …I really did think for one hot second there that Little Sparkle had smacked Sekhar across the face for being a torturing jerk, and I was entirely there for it.

    Rodrigo hero-baiting Sekhar with the “only the GREATEST OF HEROES would jump onto that pirate ship sinking into the Astral Sea” was so choice. When Rodrigo allows himself to get goofy, it’s like the teacher running out onto the field during recess and climbing on the swings.

    But that question beforehand, man. I have to assume it was either trolling, or someone who listens to the podcast while doing other things, and just isn’t paying attention. Leaving aside that the Coil was introduced to the narrative by 1) enslaving elves, 2) sending assassin teams after entire groups of people based on vague rumors, just to clean up, just in case, and 3) kidnapping and enslaving Lek, I would think there’d be some pretty good evidence that they aren’t a humanitarian organization devoted to progress.

    Besides which, “Little Sparkle’s parents died in an accident, why does she blame the Coil?” is inaccurate on so many levels. Her father’s still alive. Her mother died specifically because the Coil doesn’t care about its workers’ safety, like so many profit-driven organizations. Her brother died because the Coil casually poisoned an entire town. The “out to improve the lives of their people” narrative only works if you’re ignoring 75 percent of the facts and focusing on a pro-business bias, or if you’re engaging in some Swiftian satire.

  2. simonsimonforyou on

    I actually kind of agree with the emailer. I definitely knew the Coil was evil, but in the past seasons we’d had a much more prevalent united antagonistic force than in Legacy of Ghost.

    Since we spent a lot of time planeshopping, the threat of the Coil was something our character was talking about, which informed us of their evil, but we didn’t get to experience the antagonist/threat as much as in the previous seasons. In Four Against the Void and Celestial Crusade we were constantly bombarded with Voidcreatures, and everything the party was doing (almost) was one-to-one connected with the main threat. Talking with Asmodeus because they needed him to fight an army of the creatures we heard the party fighting in the episode before that.

    Same goes for the Feywild. They were basically walking around in a visualisation of the problem they were fighting. A lot of the planeshopping in Legacy of Ghost was amazing and fun, but didn’t really have a lot to do with the coil.

    I think part of the email comes from the listener, and maybe more listeners, not having spent as much time with the Coil, as they did with voidbeings, and

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