Super-Fan The Great Nate O is back once again to break down the 2017 season of Munchkin Land, and reveals the MVP of 2017.

Here is the 6th season of Munchkin Land Review and Results.

A total of 35 matches were battled out (New Milestone for Munchkin Land)

So here is the breakdown of the players standings for the 2017 Season of Munchkin Land and the MVP of the league for 2017.  Also new to this year is Go First stats, we have – Time a player went first, how many times they won that match when going first, and the average.

4th Place Dr. Brad – This was Brad’s 4 Year as a Pro and by far is best year so far.  He fought some crazy matches but to no end was not able to notch out the top stop. Having played 31 matches, with 14 wins and 17 losses and having a season average of .452 he is still the Cleveland Browns of Munchkin Land but the ones that make the playoffs. His Go 1st totals were 10 times, winning 3 with an average of .300.

3rd Place Stephen – This seasoned veteran of 6 years really brought his A game this year (Karma 2014 looks like it is starting to work) but his best was not good enough this year to win the belt. Taking on 35 matches, 16 wins and 19, losses with his best season average of .457. With and almost 50% go first average of .429 and having the most starts at 14 with winning 6 of those starts, he topped his division but could not make it to the big game to play for the title.

2nd Place Rob – The MVP of the 2015 season was looking to regain the top rank once again this season and came out strong and racked up the best average of the season with .533.  Totaling 30 matches with 16 wins and 14 loses, giving him his first winning season ever.  But just having the best average does not get you the belt. Having started first the fewest times at 4 and winning 2 of those he averaged .500 and he goes home with Silver but winning our hearts.

1st Place and 2017 Munchkin Land MVP Brian – Congratulations Brian you may hoist the NEW MVP Belt over your head high.  Brian came out winning just as must as he lost with 15 wins and 15 Losses, having played 30 matches and averaging .500. The 2 deciding factors for him taking the title was – 1. His go first stats, an impressive 9 times going first with 8 of those winning for the best average of .889 and 2. His torment and destruction of fellow competitor Dr Brad, which will become legendary in Munchkin Land history.  This make Brian the 2017 MVP and the 1st 2-time Munchkin Land MVP, enjoy your stay at the top (For NOW!)

Of course, I am way behind in doing this update and Season 7 is well underway, so here are the mid-year stats, oh and yes, they are shocking –

  • Brian – Matches 16, Wins 4, Losses 12, Average .250, Go 1st 2, Go 1st Win 2, Go 1st Average .333
  • Rob – Matches 15, Wins 5, Losses 10, Average .333, Go 1st 3, Go 1st Win 1, Go 1st Average .333
  • Brad – Matches 19, Wins 9, Losses 10, Average .474, Go 1st 7, Go 1st Win 4, Go 1st Average .571
  • Stephen – Matches 21, Wins 10, Losses 11, Average .476, Go 1st 5, Go 1st Win 2, Go 1st Average .400

It is looking like it will come down to the wire this year, good luck all!

NOTE FROM THE EDITOR: A BIG thank you to Nate for his dedication to bringing us this breakdown each year. Without his dedication, we wouldn’t know the winners and the losers… 

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