As with so many of the things that have stuck in my pop-culture memory, I wasn’t the appropriate age to enjoy ‘Saved By The Bell’ when it was on, but that didn’t change my enjoyment of it as silly disposable entertainment.  For many people just a few years younger than me (like Jimmy Fallon), it’s an incredibly meaningful pop culture touchstone, and the question of “Kelly or Jessie” and/or “Zach or Slater” weighs heavily on many a mind.  For my part, I never really identified with anyone on the show (though these days, I have a lot of empathy of beleaguered Principal Belding) and actually though Zach should have just gotten it over with and married Lisa.  They were both self-obsessed and materialistic, and could have had a lot of fun in a Yuppie-Patrick-Bateman kind of way, leading to today’s tween romance query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) still thinks that Kelly is probably a future psycho-killer, because she is WAAAAAY too forgiving and sweet, asking: You’re sixteen years old and the new member of Bayside High’s ‘Saved By The Bell’ class: Which cast member would you want to date?


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  1. Oh “Jessie” young teen me crushed on her hard and late teen age me was disappointed by Showgirls so much.

    It was the first time I released I wanted the character more than the Elizabeth Berkley the actress. (would not say no but I’d be thinking of Jessie)

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