For some reason, one of my cable channels has been running the Harry Potter films in order every night, giving me a chance to really appreciate how fast Rupert Grint shot up, how Hermione is the only of the cast with any sense and how Severus Snape was secretly the hero all along.  Yes, I get that it’s more complicated than that, and that his redemption is only slight more justified than Anakin Skywalker’s.  But the fact that Harry is so blind to his actions (especially in the films) is proof that being The Chosen One doesn’t mean you’re not blind to the genre you’re living in, and thus do we reach today’s valorous query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) has a long and studied justification for why Buffy and Angel are jerks and the true savior of Sunnydale is actually Spike all along, asking: What character do you believe (with or without story justification) is secretly the hero of the story all along?


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