There are a lot of great artists in the world of comics, and even when you face issues of bad behavior, ill-tempered demeanor, politics or general problematicity, you can often still appreciate their work for its strengths.  Nobody draws lingerie or a Cuban heel like Chaykin, nobody can render lithe flippy super-types gliding through the air like Alan Davis and literally nobody in history draws hair like Colleen Doran.  But when you argue who is the best team artist in history, there are a lot of possible candidates: George Perez?  Mark Bagley?  Dave Cockrum?  My mind boggles, and we haven’t even gotten into deep cuts like Chuck Cuidera, Paulina Ganucheau, or the brothers Buscema, leading to today’s collective query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) would probably have to argue Cockrum or Perez, but that may just be my Legion fandom talking, asking: Which illustrator constitutes the best TEAM artist in your mind?


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  1. Harley Jones on

    Gallant on GIJoe is quite impressive.
    MD Bright on Green Lantern was always excellent.
    Maguire on Justice League definitely set a standard.
    I always loved Giffen on LoSH.

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