While finalizing the Widget’s plans for her whirlwind summer tour of Europe, we asked her if she was going to go to Abbey Road in London and recreate the iconic album cover scene of The Beatles crossing the street.  The response was a blank look, followed by an eye roll, but that’s not important right now.  Even in the era of downloadable music and disposable media, album covers are still a big deal, and I can list off half a dozen examples of amazing images without blinking: Zeppelin 4 and the bundle of sticks.  The prism from ‘Dark Side of the Moon.’  Weird Al diving into the pool after the donut.  The list goes on and on, leading to today’s 8-channel Dolby stereo query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced “Arthur”) reminds younger Spoilerites that “Album Cover” is the phrase we oldsters use to describe the thumbnail image displayed on your smart phone while a song is playing, asking: What’s the most iconic album cover of all?


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  1. As far as most iconic, you may have nailed it with the Abbey Road cover. I’ve seen it parodied/recreated more than any other.

    If we’re talking personal favorites, I always liked the Straight on Till Morning cover from Blues Traveler

    • Scott Gunstream on

      Same for me here. I’m a Beatles freak and can think of no other cover that more iconic than Abbey Road!

  2. Lemmy Caution (@_Lemmy_Caution) on

    Thriller, probably.

    But personally, the “Court of the Crimson King” double LP will forever be etched in my mind.

  3. Interestingly enough, I was at Target the other day and in the kids clothing was a t-shirt with the Hotel California album cover. No words to tell me this, just the picture, yet me and the hubs both said it out loud. To me, iconic album covers are those that you don’t have to think and you know what album it is. The late 70’s were rich with these great covers, but my favorites are probably: Journey’s Evolution, Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours, and The Eagle’s Hotel California.

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