Though it’s hardly a universal sentiment, judging from online snark, I really enjoy the use of Mon-El in Supergirl Season 3.  Though he’s not one of my favorite Legion of Super-Heroes member, he’s one of the key members of the team in any incarnation, and one of the absolutely necessary characters in my mind.  (It’s one of the reasons that the Legion of Super-Heroes cartoon a few years ago, no matter how cool it was, didn’t feel like a real Legion to me.)  If they do go with a live-action Legion show, they’ll need the Daxamite, Chris Wood or not, as well as an orange-skinned shapeshifter, a hard case telepath, somebody with an S-symbol, and a lightning slinger, leading to today’s super future query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) will also argue that they need a kid who bounces and one who can eat anything, because those are concepts that no other super-team duplicates, asking: Given that they likely won’t use the whole twenty-odd member roster, which Legionnaires are absolutely necessary for YOUR Live-Action Legion?


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  1. StellarLeader on

    My must-have legionnaires: the 3 original members, SuperGIRL (not Superboy), Brainiac 5, Triplicate Girl and Bouncing Boy.

    I can accept if they don’t choose anyone else, but I’d like them to have as many characters as possible. After all, it’s suppossed to be a Legion!

    BTW, and take into account that I’m behind on Supergirl episodes, but so far I’m severely dissapointed by what the’ve done with them on that show

  2. Malone_hasco on

    I can do with almost any combination of core members, except you always gotta have Chameleon Boy. I would appreciate Comet Queen too.

  3. Assuming a Legion show would be an hour-long sci-fi drama in the vein of Flash or Legends of Tomorrow with 23 to 26 eps per season – I say, start with a small permanent roster of the original 3, plus maybe Timberwolf and Brainiac 5. These are the core characters for whom the most character development and backstory will be provided. Add one or two more often recurring but not ‘permanent cast members. Perhaps Phantom Girl would appear in just less than half the eps of the season, and, say, Chameleon Boy would be in just less than half, both to serve as the ‘viewer’s POV characters regarding the Legion itself and intergalactic politics. Then, while battling the villain/galactic emergency of the week, you ship in one or two guest star Legionnaires to get a little spotlight time per each episode or adventure. Stuntcasting is key to appeal to the hardcore nerd audience.
    Start the 2-hour premiere with Superboy and/or Girl, then, have them scuttle on back to the 21st century once that adventure is done so that the true Legion can be the main focus and not just a Kryptonian’s backup dancers.
    Given enough time and seasonal renewals, we could manage to get the entire Legion some screen time.

  4. In addition to those we already met, I’d pick XS, Chameleon Girl and Lightning Lass. Coincidentally, they would account for the remaining stasis tubes.

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