Lord Drakkon’s power is already more than one Ranger team can handle.  Can *more* Ranger teams turn the tide?  Your Major Spoilers review of Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers #27 awaits!


Writer: Kyle Higgins/Ryan Ferrier
Penciler: Daniele Di Nicuolo/Bachan
Inker: Simona Di Gianfelice
Colorist: Walter Baiamonte/Jeremy Lawson
Letterer: Ed Dukeshire/Jim Campbell
Editor: Dafna Pleban
Publisher: Boom! Studios
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: May 16, 2018

Previously in Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers:  The Green Ranger is dead and the Rangers have been defeated, but thanks to Time Force Pink, they have a way to recruit help.  Will even additional Power Rangers teams be able to stop Lord Drakkon’s plan?

Maybe, if they can get R.P.M. on-board!


Having barely escaped disaster at the Shiba House, the Mighty Morphin’ team managed only to save Lauren, with Drakkon adding the Samurai team’s morphers to his army of mooks.  There is some good news, as Jen, the Time Force Pink Ranger, is able to jury-rig a device that allows Zordon to communicate across time and space with other Ranger teams (which gives us a wonderful double-page spread of Rangers in battle across the various and sundry seasons) and send them the warning that Drakkon is attacking.  They even manage to receive a message from The Coinless, a resistance force comprised of their own alternate selves from Drakkon’s realm, leading the team to split up: Billy, Trini and Zack rendezvous with The Coinless (finding out that there may be a way to beat Drakkon at his own game), while Jason and Lauren make their way to the Dome City of Corinth (where the brilliant Doctor K has developed a defense against Drakkon’s powerful Dragon-Cannons.)  There’s also a backup tale that purports to be the adventures of Blue Senturion and Ninjor but is still a fun read despite not containing either of those characters…


There’s a real sense of danger and consequence in Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers #27, what with Tommy dead and other teams of Rangers falling like dominos, but I really enjoy the story being told here.  My sole complaint is in being able to identify the unmasked characters, but the script and structure of the dialogue is able to overcome that quickly.  Bachan’s art is pretty wonderful throughout the issue, not just with the fight sequences (and kudos for keeping ALL the featured Rangers recognizable, which is quite a feat given their varied helmets and uniforms being complicated as heck) but with the quiet moments as well.  Jason and Lauren’s interactions as they pilot his Tyrannosaurus through the desert to Corinth, the R.P.M. homebase, are charming and incredibly expressive, while Doctor K’s dialogue reminds me of why R.P.M. is the best Ranger team of all.  Even Lord Drakkon gets a bit of character development in these pages, which is likely going to be as key to his defeat as the other developments…


The (sort of) recent 20th Anniversary season of Power Rangers was not a particularly successful anniversary celebration, so the fanboy in me is happy to see Boom(!)’s creative team going nuts and playing with different elements of the Power Rangers mythos.  The fact that it’s a well-written story and that the art is attractive, dynamic and show-accurate makes Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers #27 a joyful and well-done anniversary party, earning 4.5 out of 5 stars overall.  Now, if we can just get Pink Ranger Astronema and the Dino Thunder kids in play, this would be the best action figure battle ever!



Lord Drakkon seems unstoppable, but the Rangers have some new allies, and one of them is ridiculously smart... Plus, some great bonding moments between two Red Rangers.

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  1. I’ll never agree that RPM is the best Ranger team (although the series did have one of the most beautiful actress in a Ranger series to date with Adelaide Kane), but it is definitely one of the top 5, so I’m glad to see it gets more than a brief cameo in this event.

    Can’t wait to see how things develop from here!

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