BOOM! Studios releases extended look at Petals


In September, BOOM! Studios releases Petals under its KaBOOM! imprint.  The publisher sent us this extended preview of the original graphic novel.

Petals is written and illustrated by Gustavo Borges, with coloring by Cris Peter.

PETALS tells an unforgettable story in which a family of foxes desperately try to survive a merciless winter. One day, the young cub leaves his house looking for much needed firewood and crosses paths with a tall and peculiar bird wearing a singular top hat. This deeply emotional and resonant story about friendship, life and selflessness unfolds in a completely silent original graphic novel.

“Without a single word, PETALS will steal your heart,” said Whitney Leopard, Editor, BOOM! Studios. “Gustavo and Cris have crafted a truly affecting story that is perfect for anyone, regardless if they are an avid comic reader or discovering their first unforgettable graphic fiction experience. This silent graphic novel will have you falling in love with the characters instantly, Gustavo’s storytelling is really the next level and will have you invested on page one…but before you get lost in this amazing world, you might want to grab a box of tissues!”

via BOOM! Studios