Marvel Comics has announced The West Coast Avengers are returning in August lead by Kate Bishop, with Clint Barton, America Chavez, Gwenpool, Quentin Quire, and Fuse.

West Coast Avengers #1The series will be written by Kelly Thompson with art by Stefano Caselli.

“They all need and want something from being on that team together,” Thompson told in an official announcement. “Kate needs to help save LA, and she needs help to do that because villains have taken notice that there are no Super Heroes out there. I think there’s part of her that misses [being on a team] too.”

I’ve seen several comments from “others” who say this series is going to be the worst of the worst, while still others are claiming this is the next best. Where do you stand on this announcement? Use the comment section below to share your reactions, and then we’ll see how it plays out when West Coast Avengers #1 arrives on August 22, 2018.

via Marvel

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  1. Lemmy Caution (@_Lemmy_Caution)
    May 18, 2018 at 5:51 pm — Reply

    Replace Gwenpool with Firebird and it wouldn’t turn me off like this could.

  2. Julie
    May 19, 2018 at 8:24 am — Reply

    I’m trying to wrap my brain around this combination of characters and it’s not easy. I feel like this book could either be amazing or horrible, nothing in the middle.

    I’m interested though, particularly because of Kate and America. I will certainly give it a shot.

  3. thetrueelec
    May 20, 2018 at 10:32 pm — Reply

    Kelly Thompson on a book with the Hawkeyes, America, Quentin, and Gwenpool? There’s no part of this I don’t love.

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