It has come to a point where fans of the Star Wars franchise have to come to terms with the fact that, if Disney is going to be giving us films in the Galaxy Far, Far Away on a yearly basis forever, we’re going to have SW flicks with no Skywalkers.  (‘Rogue One’ came close, though it still featured Darth Vader and Threepio to ease us into the idea.)  With Carrie gone, the question of more Leia is up in the air, and as much of a treasure as Mark Hamill is, he’s not gonna want to put on robes forever, leading us to today’s EU query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) has always wanted more stories that didn’t feature Jedi or overt F0rce-users at all, asking: In your mind, can Star Wars be Star Wars with no Skywalkers?


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  1. As someone who loved the X-Wing books and comics, a series that only occasionally included any Skywalkers (And barely any Jedi stuff outside of Corran Horn), I say “absolutely.”

  2. Absolutely. Some of the best Expanded Universe stories (including comics, games, novels and other works) had little or nothing to do with the Skywalker legacy. There is a rich universe of alien worlds, species, organizations and all manner of things in canon alone that could provide an entertaining story, and that doesn’t even include adapting things from “Legends” works like they have done over the years, nor entirely new creations as we have also seen.

    There is also the enormous potential for films in different genres, since you could easily have a crime drama focusing on one of the criminal organizations, a comedy about inept smugglers, a horror film about some ghastly creature or entity hunting people on a remote planet, a military film about an Imperial or Rebel squadron, a romantic comedy and so on and so forth. It doesn’t always have to be Skywalkers, Jedi and lightsabers.

  3. Thunderhowl on

    100%. Rogue One was great and didn’t focus on the Skywalker family at all. The Skywalker dynasty had such a huge impact they will always be referenced, but that’s not terrible. I’m interested to see how Solo takes on this question.

  4. Lemmy Caution (@_Lemmy_Caution) on

    Not really, if put that way because i am not into anything after 1983-4.

  5. I’m with Vrynn. The X-wing series of comics and books were fantastic with out any Skywalkers or Solos. I would love to see a movie with Wedge as the main character.

  6. In games Yes!.. Knights of the old republic one and two, 4000 years before the films no skywalkers.

    In movies So far No!

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