This week is the long-awaited release of Action #1000 which, in my normal fashion, I have to think of with an asterisk, since Action Comics is actually in Volume Two after the New 52 reboot.  It’s not as bad as Marvel, who literally make up numbers whenever they want, counting or not counting willy-nilly and relaunching immediately after the anniversary issue, but it still takes a little bit of the shine of the anniversary for me.  Of course, I’m not a typical person in ways both subtle and ridiculous, leading to today’s renumbered query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) remembers buy Action #600, #700 and #800 off the stands, which literally means nothing, but makes me happy, asking: Would Action #1000 have meant more if they hadn’t renumbered the series seven years ago?


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  1. If I’m being honest, I’d have to say this:

    Similarly to how the industry’s constant killing and bringing back of characters has robbed death of any value, the constant renumbering has done the same with numbers.

  2. Yeah, it would be more impressive and had more of an impact if they hadn’t taken the renumber route. It is still impressive that a comic has run long enough to have that kind of number of collected issues across volumes, but the renumbering thing tarnishes the importance for me and feels less like a milestone than it would had the numbers stayed consistent.

  3. Malone_hasco on

    To me personally, a little bit. They made a huge mistake when you think about it when they renumbered Action and Detective.

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