As someone who has held a lot of jobs, I sometimes wonder what role I’d be best suited for on a Federation starship.  Clearly I’m not gonna be a run-around-and-fight-Klingons landing party member, and I had enough management experience to know that the Captain’s chair is a lonely world.  My Star Trek job could be my real world job, but I don’t have the legs for Uhura’s micro-minidress costume, and while Scotty has complete dominion over his portion of the ship, he also has to be a miracle worker on a regular basis.  Still, my Scottish accent is pretty solid and a lot of fun to do, leading to today’s boldly going query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) likes to think of myself as the Spock of Major Spoilers, coming from a strange world with strange customs, having a weird haircut and a brain full of stuff that the rest of the crew sometimes needs, asking: What starship position would you most enjoy as your Star Trek job?


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Once upon a time, there was a young nerd from the Midwest, who loved Matter-Eater Lad and the McKenzie Brothers... If pop culture were a maze, Matthew would be the Minotaur at its center. Were it a mall, he'd be the Food Court. Were it a parking lot, he’d be the distant Cart Corral where the weird kids gather to smoke, but that’s not important right now... Matthew enjoys body surfing (so long as the bodies are fresh), writing in the third person, and dark-eyed women. Amongst his weaponry are such diverse elements as: Fear! Surprise! Ruthless efficiency! An almost fanatical devotion to pop culture! And a nice red uniform.


  1. I would probably be most at home in radar/sensors or some other sort of tactical position. I’ve played a LOT of space battle video games, but still think Picard would handle captain’s pressure better, so there’s that.

  2. If I listened to my old bosses, my old Scout troop and several gaming friends, I would probably be a pretty decent Captain. I can assess people’s strengths and assign the right people to the job (I used to make constant suggestions to management since they kept putting people on tasks they weren’t suited for, was actually offered a management position more than once).

    But unless it is a small vessel or freighter, I have no desire to be Captain. Too much pressure.

    So I think I would probably be most comfortable in a medical role (not the head, just a member of the staff). I’m a cancer survivor and trained to become an EMT (though I never actually became one, I still take occasional refresher classes just in case) so I know quite a few medical procedures and I’m not squeamish to the sight of blood or horrific injuries.

  3. My first instinct is to say First Officer. I’m good at advising the guy (or gal) in charge and implementing their decisions, but I buckle under the pressure of actually being in charge.

    That said, since the XO becomes the Captain when said captain is away, incapacitated or killed, maybe I’d be better off just manning the helm.

  4. I’m a fan of data collection (it’s what I do in the real world) and of history, so I think I’d combine them. I think I’d be some form of historian, keeping an official, impersonal, log of the travels and tracking the data of the trips for posterity. Captain’s Logs are great and all, but he can’t keep track of everything!

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