A couple of years ago, somewhere on the innernets, Otter Disaster came up with the best term to describe those super-heroes who embody the whole ‘flying brick from another world’ iconography: Supermanalogue.  From Hyperion of the Squadron Supreme to Omni-Man, the abusive dad from ‘Invincible’, the strange powerful visitor from another world (preferably a noble red, white and blue type) is a repeated theme in many comic books.  Heck, even the DC Universe has guys who are analogous to the Man Of Steel, but at least Apollo has the excuse of coming from another universe originally, leading to today’s caped query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) would likely vote Mark Gruenwald’s take on the Earth-712 Hyprion, but NEVER the one from ‘Supreme Power’, asking: Which pseudo-Kryptonian is YOUR favorite Supermanalogue?


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  1. Weirdly, I think I have to say Goku from DragonBall Z

    While he may not be an obvious contender, he definitely fits all the requirements. He even hits the cultural ideal note – just the Japanese ideal instead of the American one.

  2. Malone_hasco on

    I decided Ultraman has enough similarities (alter ego, powers, protector of earth from alien planet,) it counts, so I’ll go with Ultraman.

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