There are a lot of seminal bits of comic book, television and movie stuff stuck in my cerebral cortex.  It’s a blessing and a curse, though, as I clearly remember episodes of ‘Land Of The Lost’ but have to write down my insurance account number.  When it comes to things that are burned into your mind, though, I could list a litany: The crew of the Palomino racing across the catwalk seconds before a meteor rolled through; Ozymandias explaining that he did it fifteen minutes ago; Lynda Carter spinning into her blue diving suit.  Still, few of them have the power of seeing Aeon Flux catching a fly with her eyelashes from the opening of her segments of ‘Liquid Television’, a series that shaped my worldview for years afterward, leading today’s Art School Girls of Doom query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) can still quote the ‘Lee Press-On Limbs’ faux commercial by heart, asking: What pop culture visual is forever burned into your mind?


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  1. I had two pop into my head simultaneously after reading the question:

    Paul Reuben’s character in the film “Buffy: The Vampire Slayer” after being staked, doing an overly dramatic comical death scene that is once more revisited as the film ends. I actually have not watched that movie since before the TV series ended (it was the late night weekend movie or something), but that whole bit pops into my head at least once a week for some reason.

    And the absolutely horrified look on Marty McFly’s face just after his mother kisses him in the car outside the dance.

  2. The reveal of the beta unit from The Last Starfighter when it’s in the bed and revealed to be growing Alex Rogan’s face and it’s all white and slimy. Scared me to death as a kid and the image has never left me.

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