With the bracket season at an all-time high, we finally reach the conclusion of the battle amongst the stars!  Which comic book cover will walk away the champion? Which comic is the 2018 favorite among the most awesome of comic book readers?*  There’s only one way to find out!


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* The most awesome of comic book readers are indeed our favorite Spoilerites in the world. (That’s you.)


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  1. I maintain that while the XMen comic is a better read, the cover is what we’re voting on, and the cover to DKR is a much more striking image. It would make a better poster.

  2. I went with X-Men 141. I received this issue in the mail with my Marvel subscription when it was originally published. The cover was shocking to me. Why was Wolverine old? Who was the lady he was protecting? Why were all the X-Men dead? It was what I consider my first superhero horror story. It’s iconic in a way I’ve never seen really duplicated again in terms of impact (except for homage covers that literally copy it with other characters inserted).

  3. Bill the Seeker on

    I’very never been a big fan of Frank Miller’s art though he’s told some great stories. Though this is a great cover. I am a fan of John Byrne and this X men cover tells a story and grabs my imagination. I voted for the X-men.

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