Despite what my general demeanor and love of cartoons might have one believe, I am a full-fledged grownup with a driver’s license, a (terrible) credit score and the ability to drone on and on about the lovely marbling on a roast that my wife made last Sunday.  That means that I’m able to buy Erik Larsen’s ‘Savage Dragon’ every month and revel in its celebration of old-school Marvel Comics-style storytelling welded together with sexual content, adult language, overt political sature and the old ultra-violence, especially in recent months.  It’s an enjoyable, if somewhat bewildering read, but one that I would recommend for those of appropriate age and constitution, leading to today’s R-rated query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) is also looking forward to the return of ‘Westworld’ next month, which presumably will mean more violence, nudity and moral philosophizing, all of which are things that I enjoy in the right setting, asking: Which property full of adult content would you nonetheless recommend to others of appropriate age and disposition?


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  1. The anime series Excel Saga. The “adult” content isn’t the kind that you have to go behind the special door at the video store for, but more about the occasional language and the kind of humor. There is a little bit of fanservice, but it plays into the series because the whole thing is one big parody of overused tropes (not only are most of the cast one specific trope or another, every episode of the series is a parody of a different genre or style of TV and movies). The final episode pokes fun at excessive violence and adult content and wasn’t even aired on TV during the show’s initial run. Definitely not a kid’s show, but neither is it overflowing with nudity or other situations that would get you some concerned looks from family members who may catch you watching (at least until the finale, that one is intentionally a bit much).

  2. Malone_hasco on

    Lone Wolf & Cub. Yes, there’s some gratuitous sex and violence, but overall, its such a great story and one of the absolute best comics of all time.

  3. Bored of The Rings by Harvard Lampoon – a off-color parody of Tolkien’s masterpiece. Characters like Frito, Spam, Pepsi and Moxie. It’s worth reading if you can find it.

  4. I’m surprised nobody’s mentioned Saga yet. Wonderfully weird, believable characters but definitely not for the kids.

    Y The Last Man too, for that matter, while we’re talking about Brian K Vaughan

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