Long ago, OtterDisaster and I had a discussion about superhero masks that expose the hair of the character, triggered by Cyclops’ weird 90s Jim Lee mask/visor: He felt it looked terrible, I actually preferred the look to the unadorned cloth cowl look.  (Of course, our ‘to hair or not to hair’ argument wasn’t the only one; he also hated when characters flew like they were swimming, even creating a character who flew standing up, so he might just be a contrarian?)  It’s actually a tough question, though, as certain masks, like Batman’s or Daredevil’s would look ridiculous with an open top, while others just look goofy without it, leading to today’s tonsorial query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) has to admit that the Jim Lee costume may not have aged well, but it’s a pretty good look, asking: When it comes to superhero masks, what’s your preference: To Hair or Not To Hair?


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  1. I’m somewhere in the middle. In some cases, the no hair thing looks great, others not so much. The reverse also holds true as sometimes the hair looks fine, but others it just seems out of place or breaks the feel of the costume.

  2. I agree with Brenning, it’s character to character. I mean, you cover up Storm’s hair and she’s gonna look horrible. But, Catwoman needs her main covered to give the look of the cat. Same for guys. Like you said Matthew, how would you even do a Batman costume with his hair showing? You just can’t. (Maybe the question instead is, whether covered or not, how is their hair always so perfect at the end of the battle?? HAHA!!)

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