If we take ‘Saved By The Bell’ at face value (which no one in the world should ever do, thanks to a liberal use of negative continuity and the power of the status quo), it’s the story of a young sociopath and gambling addict who learns to become a better person and stop using his time-altering powers for personal gain. Though usually merely a device to allow him to deliver commentary directly to the audience, Zack’s Time Out power is used at least once in story-altering ways, allowing him to dodge a punch from Slater. It’s really sort of a shame that he wished Miss Bliss into a cornfield when he transported his entire school from Indiana to sunny California…

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  1. Daniel Langsdale on

    Honorable Mention: Max Fielder from the movie Modern Problems, as portrayed by Chevy Chase. From IMDB:
    “Air traffic controller Max Fiedler is unhappy with his career and his second marriage. An exposure to toxic waste gives him the power of telekinesis. He comes to a crossroads at a beachhouse he shares with his wife, his ex, and a voodoo priestess.”

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