Markosia Enterprises announced today the release of a brand new comic book series: Identity Stunt. Capturing the bombastic tones and dialogue of ’80s and ’90s action films, Identity Stunt is a relentless odyssey involving complex characters, a touch of romance and a fistful of masked lunatics. It’s Lethal Weapon meets Unbreakable in an era of viral media and “fake news.”

Meet professional stuntman Sami “Sam” Nasser: work is dwindling, his marriage is in limbo, and he’s trying to save his best friend from self-destruction. Just as he’s getting a handle on things, Sam’s publicly accused of being the alter ego of Beatdown — his hometown’s notorious and unhinged vigilante — by the nefarious Dominus Smith, Beatdown’s own arch-nemesis!

“What would you do if a vigilante’s arch-nemesis mistook you as the alter ego of his mortal enemy?” Inspired by a mutual lifelong love of comic books and adventure cinema, creator/writer Joe R. Khachadourian (Transformers: Mosaic) and artists J. Briscoe Allison (Sweet Lullaby) and Ruairi Coleman (KISS/Army of Darkness) endeavor to answer that question in as entertaining and electrifying a way as possible.

“We are absolutely thrilled to be bringing Sam’s story to the world. For people like myself who grew up reading comics and binging on a steady diet of ‘80s and ‘90s action films, Identity Stunt hits all the right emotions for fans of thrillers, new and old,” said Khachadourian.

“It’s a non-stop adventure at a breakneck pace, featuring bionically-enhanced mercenaries, car chases, martial arts melees, you name it; but it also contains hilarity and heart that really shine through in this old school/new school, superfiction mashup. With a multicultural cast — including a Jordanian-American lead — combined with a genre-bending storyline, Identity Stunt brings something novel to the comic book marketplace.”

This first digital issue, titled “First Blood,” is available now at for $1.99. A trade paperback collection of the first four issues will be available in comic and book stores this summer.

via Markosia Enterprises


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