America’s solo series has come to an end, but leave it to Mac to go out with a few fireworks…  Your Major Spoilers review of America #12 awaits!

America #12AMERICA #12

Writer: Gabby Rivera
Artist: Stacey Lee, Annie Wu & Flaviano
Colorist: Jordan Gibson with Chris O’Halloran
Letterer: Travis Lanham
Editor: Sarah Brunstad & Wil Moss
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Cover Price: $3.99

Previously in America: “La Légion is back! And they’re setting fire to everything America’s fought for.  Can she take back the home she’s come so far to find?  Or is this the end of the Chavez line?  America battles for the big stuff – legacy, family, love.  Who knows what adventure awaits?


Having finally reconnected with her grandmother, Madrimar, America Chavez has for the first time been introduced to their homeworld, Fuertona.  Unfortunately, immediately afterwards, La Legion (the energy-sucking alien horde that destroyed her previous home on the Utopian Parallel) arrived, leaving this issue to open in the middle of a battle.  Mac communes with Uzam, the source of her powers, gaining a power boost just in time to save her gramma from a certain death.  Worse still, Madrimar has been possessed by La Legion, leading America on a deeply personal journey into the center of Planeta Fuertona, where she discovers that her enemies aren’t actually what they seem.  America puts together what others could not, realizing that the conflict between her people and La Legion was based on a misunderstanding all along, and makes peace.  As this issue ends, America has accepted her role as a Starling, one of the most powerful of her people, she has found her family once again and is ready to not only seek out and protect, but CREATE new life and new worlds in the endless universe.


I love when a familiar story gets turned on its head, and the end of this story is a great example: Rather than proving that she was more powerful or clever, America discovers the ability to communicate with Uzam and La Legion, bringing the conflict to a peaceful end and making new allies in the process.  The art is beautiful in this issue, reminding me of half a dozen different artists from panel to panel, but always feeling like something new.  The coloring is likewise wonderful, giving these adventures a cosmic tone in subtle ways not seen since Jim Starlin’s Warlock run forty-odd years ago.  The final page literally gave me goosebumps, taking on the end of the series not as a closing point but an open doorway to nearly anything, ending with the creative team’s goodbyes, all of which make me a little melancholy.  Still, it’s better to get 12 remarkable, unique issues and an end point than to never get a solo book at all, as Shakespeare said…  probably…  not.


With her ties to The Ultimates and the Young Avengers and what I believe to be a level of popularity, I doubt that America Chavez is disappearing for very long.  But, if she had to go, this issue shows how to do it right, with America #12 staying true to its vision and philosophy, giving us a clever story and excellent art and earning 4 out of 5 stars overall.  America Chavez is one of my fave-rave Marvel heroes, and you should grab this issue (and for that matter, the collections) when you can, as it’s really good stuff.  Plus: Lucha Abuela needs a series of her own!



I'm really bummed to see this series go, but at least it's going out with a big cosmic bang...

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