He is a man who could be the greatest villain of all time, a man possessed of incredible powers, but chooses instead to counsel and consult others into being the best villain they can be.  Not only did he help the Monarch to become shockingly competent (as well as helping Monarch to see he needed Dr. Girlfriend), he actually helped Dr. Rusty Venture to see that he could escape a life of mediocrity and failure.  Of course, that meant becoming the super-villain that Rusty is clearly qualified to be in all but nature, so Dr. V rejected his help, but that’s beside the point.  The brilliance of Venture Brothers comes in making a mash-up of diplomat Henry Kissinger with Mary Poppins could be both awe-inspiring and blood chilling, especially when one considers that he is the man who set in motion the convoluted events that led to the toppling of the seemingly unstoppable Guild, events during which he once again declined to become the leading villain in the world.  He is neither good nor evil, he simply is.

And that’s kind of amazing…

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