My daughter, who WILL be referred to on the innernets until she’s an adult as Widget, is really into music, and lately has been utterly obsessed with the songs from ‘Rent.’  This has meant a couple of things: First, ‘One Song Glory’ has been wedged in my cerebral cortex since about last Halloween, but also I’ve been struck by what a cute couple Maureen and Joanne really are.  Admittedly, they’re pretty much doomed due to one being a detail-oriented control freak and the other a laissez-faire bohemian attention sink.  But all of their moments are adorable, even their angry, innuendo-laden breakup song, where each declares that she deserves better because she’s awesome.  With so many fictional couples seeming mismatched in all the wrong ways (Saturn Girl and Lightning Lad never seem to have much in common, while Green Lantern and Star Sapphire are both just awful), it’s refreshing to see two fake people bond so strongly, leading to today’s romantical query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) still ‘ships SW6 Shrinking Violet and Matter-Eater Lad, even though they were wiped from continuity like 25 years ago, asking: What fictional pairing is the cutest cute couple of all?


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  1. Since the wording says “fictional pairing” and not “pop-culture pairing”, I’m going with me and Adelaide Kane. It is purely fictional because she’s so far out of my league that the light from where she is will take thousands of years to reach my league.

    Half-joking aside, despite the fact I’m not big on couples (I don’t hate them, I’m just not super attached to character relationships), I have to go with Willow and Tara. It is one of the few fictional couples that made my heart hurt as if they were people I knew splitting up (and I won’t even get in to how devastated I was after what happened to Tara). But when they were together, it was just adorable.

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