I admit: I talk to my car all the time.  I’ve been known to give reinforcement when the beast is having troubles, complain when it misbehaves, even yell at other people’s cars on her behalf.  (Yes, my car is a her, though I don’t believe that all cars are because Herbie.)  Sadly, lacking as I do a sentient car, I never get a response.  That’s kind of a shame, although if Team Knight Rider is to be believed, your vehicle talking back to you is a gonzo whopper of a mixed blessing.  Yes, I watched Team Knight Rider.  I’m the one.  Regardless, though, the idea of being a team with a living vehicle is a compelling one, which leads us to today’s four-wheel-drive query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) has a lot of favorites in this category, but will probably go with “NOT Christine”, asking: Which sentient car would you want for your ride?


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  1. If it has to be a car, then pre-Rodimus Prime Hot Rod from Transformers G1 continuity.

    If it can be any sentient vehicle, then I’ll go with Wreck-Gar from the “Transformers: Animated” continuity (where he is voiced by Weird Al and makes a reference to the G1 Wreck-Gar by saying “I Dare to be Stupid!”).

  2. First, I was thinking about KITT, but then realized Transformers count, so obvious choice would be Hot Rod. “If you’re gonna ride, ride in style”.

  3. Gonna give my love to the bug. My choice is Herbie.

    KITT might be a more reasonable ride and come with more amenities, but Herbie seems less high-maintenance and able to bounce back from the crappy areas and roads I have to drive on. KITT or any Transformer may be a veritable tank, but I can’t maintain their upkeep.

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