As I write these words, it is Saturday morning, my current favorite day of the week.  Ever since 2014 or so, I’ve been on a Monday through Friday schedule, which means that Saturday is the day that I don’t have to wake up at 6 a.m. and wrangle myself and several women out the door on time.  Until recently, it was the day that I could watch ‘The Monkees’ every morning on FamilyNet, and it is the day that I get the most actual work done for Major Spoilers, barring Tuesday night’s weekly marathon recording sessions.  It is, in short, the best.  ‘Course, if you don’t have my schedule, you likely don’t agree, leading to today’s biweekly-which-could-mean-twice-a-week-or-every-two-weeks-which-is-confusing-and-stupid query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) reminds Faithful Spoilerites that every MS-QOTD also has the implied question of “and WHY?” at the end, asking: What’s the BEST day of the week in your week?


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  1. Its Saturday. No work, I can do anything I want. Only downside is that not everything is open on weekends, so it could actually be Friday. Not having to wake up for work just weighs more than other small inconveniences.

  2. Saturday. Usually something good on TV (I particularly look forward to 10 PM when my local PBS plays classic Doctor Who serials), and when there isn’t I can binge stream something I missed or re-watch something to prepare for the upcoming new episodes. Most of my friends are off work, so I get to hang out, either in person or playing a game on multiplayer or online. The kids are off school, so I can spend time with my nephews, nieces and my friend’s kids (and give their parents a couple hours to get some housework done or go grocery shopping without being hounded for super sugary snacks).

    And the best part, a local restaurant with delivery has Saturday deals, so I can get a really good meal for roughly the same price as a couple fast food burgers without having to clean a sink full of dishes I would normally need to prepare a similar meal. Usually just have to clean a few bits of silverware and toss out some paper plates, and any leftovers fit in the containers they were delivered in.

  3. Wednesday. I have that day off so I go get my comics. I see movies that afternoon best time not many people there if there something I want to see.

  4. Toss up between Saturday, when I go to play with my D&D/Tabletop group and listen to Critical Hit on the drive – and Thursday, because it’s Critical Role. night, and the first night of the week that I’m off from my MTW (secondary) night job.

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