When I was very, VERY young, I clearly remember sitting in the living room of my grandmother’s home and watching a vaguely memorable cartoon on her enormous oak-encased 70s television console.  Years later, I can tell you that it was Underdog Episode #361, which packaged a failed cartoon pilot called “Cauliflower Cabbie” into U-dog’s anthologized syndicated adventures.  In fact, I actually watched the episode on Youtube not so long ago and found it predictable and shoddy, but your humble baby MS-QOTD was fascinated by the imagery therein.  I realize that I’m probably unusual in the breadth of my pop culture memory (like the fact that Jonathan “Dr. Smith” Harris appeared in a Filmation live-action show called ‘Space Academy’ in the late 70s and that his brother was named Sunseed) but I suspect everyone has similar memory locks, leading to today’s mnemonic query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) just had to go “Noony noony noo” and both of the people in the living room with me asked if the MS-QOTD was about the Sesame Street Typewriter Guy, asking: Which vaguely memorable cartoon of your past has inexplicably stuck with you as you have aged?


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  1. Filmation’s The Original Ghostbusters from the late 80’s. A medium/low budget cartoon based on a live action TV show from 70’s. They tried to capitalize on the Bill Murry’s GhostBusters mania.
    All I remember is that the villains had puns in their names and there was a gorilla.

    • I used to have the toys from that show. I used to have them and the other Ghostbusters team up (pretending they were crossing universes to fight some big evil being, with the role filled by one of my stuffed toys or something).

  2. Definitely the unreasonably terrible G.I. JOE-esq (including being created by Sunbow, I think) cartoon about subterranean heroes fighting monsters called….Inhumanoids, I think. It never even actually came on TV where I lived, but I happened to pick up a repackaged version of the pilot and a few other episodes at the video store as a kid and watch it. For some inexplicable reason, this unbelievably bad show just stuck in my head. I remembered it fondly for years, and I can still remember specific moments from it now, decades later. I tracked it down when I was in grad school, just trying to figure out what that memory was about, only to discover how terrible the show was. No wonder it never made it!

  3. Robbie Warnock on

    One thing that I still remember as fondly now and I did back in the day, the short-lived cartoon Mighty Orbots.
    The animation was (and still is) amazing.

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