Amigo Comics has released the cover images and solicitation information for titles arriving in April 2018.

Call of the Suicide Forest #4 (of 5)
Story: Desiree Bressend
Art: Ruben Gil
Cover: Toni Fejzula
In the intricate woods teeming with nightmares and apparitions, ranger Ryoko has to face her past, but this time her faith is lacking. Portia, the suicidal young woman, has to face a vital decision. Although in any case, the forest calls them both, and will not cease to call them until keeping them both into its dark heart.

This miniseries is the sequel of the acclaimed graphic novel The Suicide Forest, written by El Torres with art by Gabriel Walta, masterfully written by Desiree Bressend with the artwork by Ruben Gil, but it can be read independently. And this time, a Retailer incentive cover, served 1:10, by maestro Pasqual Ferry!

UPC Code: 732030830844—00411
FEB181093 – STL076260
32 pages FC

Tales of Rogues! #4 (of 6): Games Edge!
Writer and Art: Irene Roga

Acclaimed Spanish artist Irene Roga brings an independent, non-canon Rogues tale! In a time beyond our memories, war roared endlessly. When the Bewitched King attacks the kingdom of Beth-mos, the legendary Blade of Heaven becomes the last hope for the humankind. But for Weasel, there‘s nothing more important as the Brotherhood of Warriors!

UPC Code: 713482801859—00411
FEB181095 – STL076258
32 pages FC

Story and Art: Massacre

Phil is a Nazi hunter. Clarice is a professional MMA fighter and nightclub dancer. They don‘t work together because Phil‘s work requires him to fight deranged Nazis, mad scientists, and big robots… and Clarice has to fight her way to escape from a vampire master and his evil cohort! The creator of Sydney Hammer, Massacre, brings us another over-the-top, white-knuckle, grindhouse tale!

UPC Code: 713482801866-00111
FEB181094 – STL076259
Magazine, Black and White with color covers, 44 pages.

Offered again: ROMAN RITUAL
Writer: El Torres
Artist: Jaime Martínez
Color: Sandra Molina

From the master of Horror El Torres and art by Jaime Martínez! Self-exiled priest John Brennan, a troubled exorcist, is summoned to Rome to stop an ancient evil spreading within the Holy See itself. A revolutionary story about possessions and exorcisms, with ties to the church‘s shady past, and a man, almost helpless and alone before the evil that would bring the end of the Catholic church.

This volume collects the acclaimed four-issue horror miniseries ROMAN RITUAL, published by AMIGO COMICS (yes, by us).

“Roman Ritual has an excellent pacing that uncomfortably keeps you mesmerized and eagerly turning the page. ”
–Mike Peluso, ComicMonsters

“El Torres is perhaps the most underrated horror comic writer working today. He comes at every subject he takes on with an edge that‘s sharp and deadly that you never quite see coming. Roman Ritual is no exception.”
–Stephanie S. Gray, Horror Network

ISBN Code: 9788416486113-51499
NOV150969- STK693142
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