If I said to you “Legion retcon”, the natural and understandable response would be “Which one?”  This is a team, after all, which has had three separate major iterations and somewhere between eight and eleven sub-divisional eras since 1958.  This, however, is the first of them all…  probably.  After first appearing in Adventure #247, the kids of the Legion  made another appearance in Adventure Comics before popping up to induct Supergirl in Action #267.  However, these heroes identify themselves explicitly as the lookalike CHILDREN of the Legion that inducted Superboy (presumably because Supergirl exists in S-boy’s relative future?)  Her bid to be a Legionnaire is derailed by red Kryptonite shenanigans, but Supergirl is inducted in a later issue and becomes a small-but-meaningful part of the Legion’s early history.  The ‘children of the original Legion’ aspect, however, was (rightfully) brushed aside and never mentioned again…

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