This one is not what you think it is, Faithful Spoilerites.  I’m not here to debate Babs Gordon’s miraculous cure after years of partial paralysis, nor the story that injured her in the first place, both of which are hard for me to justify 100% sincerely.  No, dear friends, I’m talking about the other weird retcon in Barbara’s life.  When she was created in 1967, Barbara was Commissioner Gordon’s daughter.   After the Crisis On Infinite Earths in 1986, Barbara was retconned to be Jim’s niece, whom he adopted and raised as part of his family.  Whether this was to fit an adult Barbara with the timeline of ‘Batman: Year One’ or just a strange artifact of the resected Earths, it was the status quo of Batgirl’s life until the Flashpoint incident reset the timestream and created the New 52, wherein Barbara is again Jim Gordon’s daughter.  As, frankly, she should be, and Frank Miller’s timeline be damned…

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