Since the 2011 universal revamp known colloquially as ‘The New 52’, Superman has been wearing various armory costumes featuring lots of noodly lines, a different cape configuration, and no notched boots (depending on the artist.)  But the biggest change has been the elimination of and retroactive disavowing of the red trunks, long one of the most-mocked elements of every superhero costume.  Given that Superman’s original uniform was created to emulate 30s carnival strongmen, the layered leotard look made sense, but removing them bothered me for reasons I can’t articulate.  Now that DC has decided to return the trunks to the costume, I’m kind of jubilant, but I realize my opinions aren’t universal, leading to today’s brief query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) doesn’t want to lead you guys one way or another, so I’ve crafted today’s query very carefully, asking: Superman’s trunks are back: Is this a great idea or THE GREATEST idea?


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  1. I’ve never liked the trunks/underwear. I was over the moon when they went away. I’m so disappointed they’re coming back.

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