During the days of our youth, Stephen and I spent more than a few quarters on the Street Fighter II console located outside the cafeteria at the student union, but I really didn’t get into it the way I later would with Mortal Kombat.  Thanks to Otter Disaster’s gig as the arcade guy (this was back when they had arcades, you guys, which were like little stores full of vidya games) we got a lot of time logged on that game and MK II, whose greatest character is Raiden, no matter what those Sub-Zero fans tell ya, leading to today’s Round One query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) can’t decide between Chun-Li, Kabal or Mr. Game & Watch, so I’ve decided they’re now a six-man tag team working together, asking: Who is your fave-rave fighting game fighter?


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  1. I’ve always been a fan of Scorpion and Sub-zero from MK games. Also the Injustice games have some great characters in them, plus they are getting the TMNT.

  2. I was always terrible at Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter

    Sophitia from the SoulEdge/SoulCalibur series was the only character I ever managed to develop something akin to skill with.

  3. Depends of the game, I used to play a lot of these:
    Street Fighter: Balrog/Bison in Japan (the boxer guy)
    Virtua Fighter: Akira
    Tekken: Paul, King
    King Of Fighters: Iori Yagami
    Soul Calibur: Siegfried

    I’ll play any fighting game, given a chance, but I will wreck you with these guys.

  4. Street Fighter Alpha 2’s Sakura is high up there for me. She has manga and movies where she’s a main character, and I’ve read/watched them all.

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