Because of my work on Ten Things (which posits that you can create ten of pretty much anything in the annals of superhero pop culture), I’ve recently disappeared down a rabbit hole of 90s Image Comics, including a lot of studying of the vanguard of the Image revolution, Rob Liefeld’s Youngblood.  Say what you will about the quality of that book (and I’ve said a lot), it encapsulates much of what is great about comics: Boundless excitement, an endless stream of new characters, ridiculous over-the-top moments that may or may not be satire, virtual armies of dudes in buckles and pouches and women in pretty much nothing…  It may not be good, but it’s definitely pure comics.  In fact, it’s just plain too much comics in many ways, no matter what it paved the way for, leading to today’s high-volume query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) owns nearly every Youngblood number one, proving that, if nothing else, nerd hope springs eternal, asking: What bit of pop culture is your personal definition of TOO MUCH?


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  1. There are couple of things. One is 4th wall breaking meme characters getting ongoing books, they run out of jokes every time. Another is how half of DC books are about Batman or Bat-something.

  2. Batman and Wolverine (though not Dark Claw). Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy the characters, but I also enjoy ice cream and don’t want to eat it all day every day. It breaks the impact of many stories when Batman or Wolverine are a central focus so very often. For example, I think the Dark Knights: Metal events is a very interesting concept, but I’m having trouble getting into it because I’m just so burnt out on Batman and now we’re getting a bunch of extra flavors of Batman.

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