With a Han Solo movie on the way and constant talk of a Boba Fett solo flick, it’s clear that Disney has a long-term plan to make sure that the idea of yearly new Star Wars installments comes to fruition.  On the one hand, it’s great, since there are so many characters and situations to draw from.  On the other, I worry that Lando’s co-pilot Nien Numb won’t get his own flick before the idea falls apart.  ‘Rogue One’ proves that you can tell a Star Wars story that lacks Luke, Han and Leia and it can’t be too long before the creators really deep-dive into the galaxy far, far away, leading to today’s franchised query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) actually does want more of Bea Arthur’s Ackmena, a tough-as-nails singing LGBTQ bartender, asking: What character do you most want to see in their own, standalone Star Wars story?


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  1. Near the end of the old Expanded Universe line, before the buyout by Disney and the shift to creating a new canon EU, there were a few appearances of Ackmena, stating that she had gone on to a singing career and later was part of an anti-slavery group. Wouldn’t mind seeing that brought over to canon.

    Most of the characters I want to see originate in the Expanded Universe, but like many concepts that have already been adapted to the new canon like Thrawn and several alien species that originate in the various EU works, I would be pretty happy to see them show up with some alterations.

    Would love to see Kal Skirata and Walon Vau, Mandalorians who were part of those who helped train the Clone army. Much as I’m indifferent to the prequel era for the most part, I wouldn’t mind a movie that takes a closer look at how the clones were trained. In terms of how there would be conflict in the film, there were other trainers of the clones who were less than favorable beings, such as Dred Priest, who ran a fight club of young clones (believing that only the strong should survive).

    Would also be pretty happy to see a crime drama film around Xizor from the “Shadows of the Empire” novel. Black Sun and the Falleen race have been adapted to canon, so it wouldn’t be an impossible leap to hope for that.

    As for characters that already exist in proper canon, I wouldn’t mind a film about young Caleb Dume/Kanan Jarrus in the aftermath of Order 66. Some of it has been touched in comics and novels, but there are plenty of gaps where a film could take place.

  2. Probably space Indiana Jones with Harrison Ford as Han Solo. Don’t care about this thing they got coming, this is one of those cases when actor IS the character. There’s no Han to me without Harrison Ford.

    Proper Rogue Squadron film would be nice too, because I always preferred space battles over light saber swinging when it comes to Star Wars fighting.

    • I keep hoping that some of the spin-off films will have little to no focus on Force sensitive beings. Lightsabers are cool and all, but I want to see the bounty hunters, the squadron pilots, the smugglers, the crime bosses and all those “ordinary” beings that get by on wits, skills and blasters.

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