For those of us who haven’t totally given up terrestrial television in favor of streaming services, this time of years is one of those in which all our shows are “on hiatus”, which in the old days of longago was known as ‘The Reruns.’  In some cases, like Supergirl, I will enjoy a second watch when I can.  With others, like the various police procedurals my wife favors, I will spend their time slot somewhere else.  Of course, as one who has a permanent revolving DVR carousel saving three episodes of ‘Scrubs’, two of ‘Gilligan’s Island’ and four ‘How I Met Your Mother’ eps, I may not be the one to ask, leading to today’s second-run query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) is only a little bit ashamed of my tendency to watch the 6:30 rerun of ‘Family Guy’ on the local CW station (depending on the season), asking: What show are you mostly likely to actually watch in reruns?


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  1. Probably some light comedy that doesn’t need much attention. One I actually DO watch again all the time is Gamecenter CX, but that’s not TV reruns, its episodes saved to computer hard drive.

  2. The Big Bang theory. I’ve only seen reruns, at random points in the series, so every re-watch is a chance to reorganize the timeline kinda like you do when you watch Pulp Fiction.

  3. Pretty much any halfway-decent sitcom that ran long enough that I don’t instantly remember all the jokes.

    Out of those, my prime picks probably would be
    Everybody Loves Raymond
    Big Bang Theory
    The Dick Van Dyke Show

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