It’s weird how we tend to give units of time anthropomorphized attributes: 2016 was a big, stupid year, August is a hateful bully of a month, like a 30-day Scut Farcas, and 2 in the afternoon is utterly useless, like sixty minutes of an old person lecturing about those rotten kids today.  As such, I have to say that I enjoy December the most, like a big hug from a favorite aunt you only see at the holidays.  It’s my favorite month because people actively remember that it’s antisocial and rude to be a big jerk all day long, because my birthday usually means gifts and a food day at the office, and because of all the end-of-year winter holidays, blurring together, leading to today’s 1/12 query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) would have to say my second choice is Febtober, asking: What’s your favorite month, real or imagined?


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  1. October. My birthday month, the month of plenty of Halloween parties, TV specials and candy sales, lots of new TV show seasons starting up or just getting started, leaves starting to turn all kinds of pretty colors and falling off trees, and to top it all off, my ideal weather where it isn’t as hot as it was but also isn’t freezing cold yet.

    It isn’t all great, though, as October is also the month of a few days where close friends passed away (including the woman I was going to marry), but I think in balance it is still the best month of the year for me. Gotta take the bad along with the good.

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