The last couple of days have reminded me of the prophetic words of Dougie Powers, who was heard to exclaim: “It’s frickin’ freezing in here, Mister Bigglesworth!”  Still, our Midwestern cold snap has had the unexpected pleasant side effect of me considering those cold-wielders (or, to be more accurate, heat-removers, since there’s not such thing as cold energy) and which of them might be the (you should excuse the expression) coolest.  Could Bobby Drake out chill Frozone?  Could Princess Elsa freeze out Killer Frost?  And what about Tora Olafsdotter?  All these things and more make for today’s chilling query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) would put my money on Wentworth Miller, in only for his amazing nasal delivery of Captain/Citizen Cold’s lines, asking: Which fictional cryokinetic could create the briskest cold snap of all?


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  1. Polar Boy.
    In LSH 300 the double sized issue, as Ferro Lad’s brother was scanning different realities one was a nightmare. In order to defeat Computo, polar Boy generated Absolut Zero temperatures as he himself was both frozen and electrocuted by the dying compute at the same time.
    Right Matty? Please correct me if I made a mistake.

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