I have recently found myself on the horns of dilemma: I hate, hate HATE the term “heroine”, but calling someone a “female hero: makes me sound like the Grand Nagus Zek.  Either way, I feel like a giant goober, but the creepy-with-a-terrible-homophone sound of heroine wins out…  or loses?  Whichever, I don’t say it.  Synonymically speaking, “woman hero” might work, but it sounds so clinical, while “lady hero” sounds condescending, leaving me with limited options to describe some of the best characters of all: Storm, with her complete control of meteorological phenomena; Wonder Woman, whose power is rivaled only by that Kryptonian kid; Fantomah, mystery woman of the jungle, with powers comparable to Wonder Boy unrivaled by anyone who isn’t a Super-Wizard; any or all of them could be considered the top of the pops, leading to today’s femme fatale query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) generally prefers to call women who are heroic “heroes,” but that’s another, mildly sanctimonious argument entirely, asking: Who’s the greatest female hero of all?


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  1. Probably my mom, but if we stick with fiction types, its harder to choose. Greatest of all isn’t necessarily same as my favorite, but I’ll go with Wonder Woman, because of how important she is historically and now suddenly in present day as well.

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